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Rose of Eibon Productions is proud to announce the development of the live-action television series of Club Vamporama, based on a comic strip which first appeared in 2006. (The original title was Club Comicana; it was later retitled Vamporama.)

Cthulhu Sex
Artwork: Chrissie Harper

Written & created by Liz Black, with art/design from Chrissie Harper, the series focuses upon two flatmates: Jenni, a cynic with a social conscience and a major chip on her shoulder, and Marie, superficially flighty and self-centred but far more mysterious than her appearance suggests. Their lives are further complicated by the neighbourhood nightspot Club Vamporama, run by spiky manager Jude on behalf of the enigmatic ex-rockstar Bette Noir.

Vamporama Promo

Bringing these characters—and their secrets—to life on screen has been a long, careful process of development. The first two short films featuring the world of Vamporama are entitled “Who Is Bette Noir?” and “Hail Cthulhu”. They will be screened at various venues/festivals in the coming months. Watch the front page for all the latest news.

Club Vamporama Poster

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