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09 April 2018: The full, 30-minute pilot episode of Club Vamporama is currently in pre-production. Stay tuned for a major casting announcement and the launch of a Kickstarter campaign in the very near future.

25 March 2018: The Birmingham Horror Group hosted its second film festival tonight, at the city’s historic Victoria pub. The international line-up (see below) included three of our productions: All Bad Things plus the Club Vamporama teasers Who is Bette Noir? and Hail Cthulhu!. Proceeds from the event went to the medical charity Diabetes UK.

Selection List.jpg

30 October 2017: Our short films “Who Is Bette Noir?” and “Hail Cthulhu” were shown at a cast & crew screening on October 29th at the Victoria, Birmingham, along with the main attraction, All Bad Things. See this blog posting for more details.

Further screenings are afoot! Stay tuned!

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